A Pillow for Fragile Fictions, 2016

Blown glass with rum, tamarind, lime & molasses on marble base • glass: 19.5 x 28 x 19 inches, base: 6 x 37 x 32.75 inches

About the Work

A distorted glass replica of George Washington’s bust rests on a pillow made of smooth, carved marble, perfectly molded to its form. The use of marble as the sculptural base calls to memory the materials traditionally used in monumental statues, and in stark contrast to the delicate glass bust resting on top. This glass vessel is partially filled with a viscous, dark liquid—a mixture of rum, tamarind, lime and molasses. Washington received quantities of each ingredient exchange for a man whom he enslaved, bartered to traders in the West Indies. This sculpture is part of an ongoing series entitled Monumental Inversions that investigates the national tradition of monument making.