Modesty, 2011

oil on canvas • 96 x 46.5 x 2 inches
About the Work

A woman stands with her arms raised, running her fingers through her long hair with her head tilted at an angle to look indirectly at the viewer. Her face, upraised arms and neck are all that are visible of her body. The rest has been cut out of the composition, carefully folded to rest beneath her shoulders. Her clothes are draped on a rock by her feet, but her nakedness is no longer visible. In this body of work, the artist utilizes classical scenes of women to reflect on traditional representation of the female form. The cut out portion of the panel casts a shadow on the white wall behind it to give further volume to the absent figure. While the woman is visibly removed from her surroundings, one can still sense her presence. This painting attempts to reclaim the female body for the woman herself, rather than as an object to be fetishized by those in power.